♣ Real-Time Products Service
JAXA has developed the precise GNSS orbit and clock estimation system, named "MADOCA (Multi-GNSS Advanced Demonstration tool for Orbit and Clock Analysis)". Using MADOCA products, user positions could be calculated accurately without any reference stations.

JAXA provides "Real-Time MADOCA product" with less delay and "Offline MADOCA product" with higher precision.
(Cessation of MADOCA Real-time Product Streaming at 2021/03/31.)

♣ What's MADOCA?
MADOCA is the precise GNSS orbit and clock estimation system. This basic requirements are as follows;

(1) Multi-GNSS Support (GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,BeiDou and QZSS)
(2) Both of Offline and Real-Time Estimator
(3) Precise Estimation using latest models
(4) Reduction of Processing Time by Multi-threading
(5) Maintainability and Portability which can run on note PC

System: GPS, GLONASS and QZSS (Galileo and BeiDou are under construction..)
Goal: Real-Time positioning with less than 10cm accuracy
Goal of orbit/clock accuracy:

  • Kaori Kawate, Yuki Igarashi, Hideki Yamada, Kyohei Akiyama, Masato Okeya, Hiroshi Takiguchi, Masaya Murata, Toshitaka Sasaki, Saya Matsushita, Shoh Miyoshi, Motoyuki Miyoshi, and Satoshi Kogure 2023. MADOCA: Japanese precise orbit and clock determination tool for GNSS. Advances in Space Research, 71(10), p.3927-3950.

♣ MADOCA-SEAD Interface Specification
This document defines the data interface specification required by MADOCA product users and has no technical changes from IS-QZSS(ver1.7).

- Interface Specification: Japanese , English

♣ How to use Real-Time PPP service
MADOCA products are provided using RTCM SSR formats, so you can use them by any PPP positioning tools supported these formats. There are some open source programs supported RTCM SSR formats; such as RTKLIB deveploped by Mr. Takasu(Ref[2]). As reference, please see the following manual i n the case of using RTKLIB.

English (Publish rev.B on Sep 24, 2014 : Change of RTKNAVI Setting)

Example of PPP setting (Publish NC on Nov 20, 2014)

Edit Date:May 29th, 2023