MAINTENANCE2018/06/01: Maintenance of MDC2.
MAINTENANCE2018/06/04-05: Maintenance of MDC1.
CHANGE 2014/08/13: Start of MDC1 estimation with "Network-AR=OFF"
CHANGE 2014/09/09: Start of MDC2 estimation with "Network-AR=ON"
START 2014/09/11: QZS-1's Birth Day & Start of MADOCA's Product Internet Broadcast
MAINTENANCE2014/09/16: Upgrade to MADOCA 0.6.6_p1 and Change of setting "Output_Type=APC" at MDC2
SUPPORT 2014/09/22: Support PRN09(GPS IIF)
MAINTENANCE2014/09/24: Upgrade to MADOCA 0.6.6_p1 and Change of setting "Output_Type=APC" and "Network-AR=ON" at MDC1
MAINTENANCE2014/10/10: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2014/10/21: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2014/10/22: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2014/10/22: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2014/11/06: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2014/11/06-09: Maintenance of PPP Server(MADOCA is in operation!!)
MAINTENANCE2014/12/23-25: Maintenance of MGRTEB Server
MAINTENANCE2014/12/23: Upgrade to MADOCA 0.6.7 and Change of stations at MDC2
GREETING2015/01/01: Happy New Year!
TROUBLE2015/1/6: Sorry for Server Trouble..
MAINTENANCE2015/01/09: Upgrade to MADOCA 0.6.7 and Change of stations at MDC1
MAINTENANCE2015/01/23: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2015/02/19: Upgrade to MADOCA 0.7.0p1 at MDC2
MAINTENANCE2015/03/05: Upgrade to MADOCA 0.7.0p1 at MDC1
MAINTENANCE2015/03/14-15: Stop of Providing Products for Server Maintenance
MAINTENANCE2015/03/23-25: Stop of Positioning Products for Antenna Maintenance
MAINTENANCE2015/05/07: Upgrade to MADOCA 0.7.1 at MDC2
MAINTENANCE2015/05/15: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2015/06/12: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2015/06/17: Upgrade to MADOCA 0.7.2 at MDC1 and Add station "CTWN"
MAINTENANCE2015/07/01: Restart of MDC1 and MDC2
MAINTENANCE2015/07/31: Restart of MADOCA 0.7.2p1 at MDC2
MAINTENANCE2015/08/04: Add station "CTWN" at MDC2
MAINTENANCE2015/08/27: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2015/08/28: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2015/09/11: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2015/09/17: Upgrade to MADOCA 0.7.3p1 at MDC2
MAINTENANCE2015/09/29: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2015/10/08: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2015/10/15: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2015/10/30: Restart of MDC1
Release of some product for post processing.   (please click to the "ARCHIVE" button.)
- Observation data(Rinex 3.02 format) obtained by MGM-net
- real-time product(RTCM SSR, sp3 and lex format) generated by madoca
MAINTENANCE2015/11/27: Maintenance of MGRTEA(MDC1) Server  (01:00(UT)-08:00(UT))
MAINTENANCE2015/12/07: Maintenance of MGRTEA(MDC1) Server  (08:00(UT)-15:00(UT))
MAINTENANCE2015/12/24: Maintenance of MGRTEA(MDC1) Server  (01:00(UT)-15:00(UT))
MAINTENANCE2016/01/04: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2016/01/06: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2016/01/07: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2016/01/08: Restart of MDC1
TROUBLE2016/01/08-12: Sorry for MDC1 Server Trouble..
MAINTENANCE2016/01/12: Restart of MDC1/MDC2
MAINTENANCE2016/02/19-22: Stop to update the result of Real-Time PPP
MAINTENANCE2016/03/11: Maintenance of MGRTEA(MDC1)
MAINTENANCE2016/03/11: Change of LEX Message
MAINTENANCE2016/03/13: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2016/03/17: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2016/03/23: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2016/03/25: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2016/04/05: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2016/04/08: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2016/04/11: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2016/08/26: Restart of MDC1 & MDC2
MAINTENANCE2016/12/13: Restart of MDC1 & MDC2 and Upgrade to MADOCA0.7.5p2
Emergency MAINTENANCE2016/12/15: Restart of MDC1. Sorry for your trouble..
INFORMATION2017/01/01: Change of E-mail Address for "MADOCA-products Support Desk"(Please refer "Terms of Use".)
MAINTENANCE2017/02/01: Maintenance for Change of Message Format
MAINTENANCE2017/03/08: Restart of MDC1
INFORMATION 2017/01/25: Publishment of IS-MADOCA-SEAD(revA) for Change of Message Format etc.
INFORMATION 2017/03/21-22): Stop of Providing Products(MDC1 and MDC2) for System Maintenance
MAINTENANCE2017/06/16: Restart of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2017/06/20: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2017/06/27: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2017/07/03: Restart of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2017/07/10: Maintenance of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2017/07/12: Maintenance of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2017/07/26: Maintenance of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2017/08/03: Maintenance of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2017/08/10: Maintenance of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2017/08/14: Maintenance of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2017/09/29: Maintenance of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2017/10/02: Maintenance of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2017/10/06: Maintenance of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2017/10/10: Maintenance of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2017/11/02: Maintenance of MDC2
MAINTENANCE2017/11/06: Maintenance of MDC1
MAINTENANCE2017/11/30: Maintenance of MDC2.
MAINTENANCE2017/12/4: Maintenance of MDC1.
MAINTENANCE2018/02/05-06: Maintenance of MDC2.
MAINTENANCE2018/02/09: Maintenance of MDC1.
TROUBLE2018/02/25-28: Sorry for Server Trouble..(Restoration Completed.)
MAINTENANCE2018/03/09: Maintenance of MDC1.
MAINTENANCE2018/03/12: Maintenance of MDC2.
MAINTENANCE2018/03/28: Maintenance of MDC1.
MAINTENANCE2018/04/05: Maintenance of MDC1.
ANNOUNCEMENT2018/04/05: Start running New NTRIP server(IP:
MAINTENANCE2018/04/09-10: Maintenance of MDC2.
ANNOUNCEMENT2018/04/11-...: Stop Old NTRIP server(IP:

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