♣ MADOCA-SEAD Interface Specification
This document defines the data interface specification required by MADOCA product users.
2017/01/25: The draft of IS-MADOCA-SEAD(revA)(Draft) is published.

- Interface Specification: Japanese,@English

♣ How to provide MADOCA Products
Ntrip Caster (provided by BKG Ref[1])is used to provide MADOCA products via Internet.

- Internet Address:
- Port: 2101
- Format: RTCM-SSR
- Mount Point: MDC1, MDC2
- User Account: (Please send the applcation form to get your account.)

♣ How to use Real-Time PPP service
MADOCA products are provided using RTCM SSR formats, so you can use them by any PPP positioning tools supported these formats. There are some open source programs supported RTCM SSR formats; such as RTKLIB deveploped by Mr. Takasu(Ref[2]). As reference, please see the following manual in the case of using RTKLIB.

English (Publish rev.B on Sep 24, 2014 : Change of RTKNAVI Setting)

Example of PPP setting (Publish NC on Nov 20, 2014)

♣ User Application
After agreeing to the following "Terms of Use", please fill the following application form and send it to support desk by e-mail.
(Caution) "Terms of Use" is revised on Dec 26, 2016 for the chage of E-mail Address for "MADOCA-products Support Desk".

- Terms of Use: Japanese@@English
- Application Form: Japanese (pdf) (word), English (pdf) (word)


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