2005 Joint Meeting for Earth and Planetary Science in Japan

Session E097 "Dynamics and energetics in the low-altitude polar thermosphere: DELTA campaign"

25 May 2005, Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall, Chiba City, Japan

Session description:
Japanese sounding rocket "S-310-35" was successfully launched on December 13, 2004 from Andøya rocket range in Norway. This rocket experiment aims at investigating the upper atmospheric dynamics and energetics accompanied with the auroral activity in the lower thermosphere. The instruments onboard success-fully made in-situ measurements of neutral temperature and density as well as auroral emission rate, electron density and temperature. Several ground-based observations substantial for such a discussion were simultaneously conducted in the vicinity of the launch site. In particular, the simultaneous measurement of neutral wind and temperature by ground-based Fabry-Perot Interferometer (FPI) and plasma density and temperature by EISCAT radar was a great success. This session is to summarize the onboard and the ground observations, followed by a related discussion as well as a comparison with theoretical modeling.
S. Nozawa (
E. V. Thrane (
T. Abe (

9:05-9:15Introduction to the DELTA campaignT. Abe et al.
9:15-9:30Neutral-charged particle coupling process in the polar thermosphere/ionosphereM. Ishii
9:30-9:45High resolution simulation of the polar thermosphere associated with auroral activitiesH. Shinagawa
9:45-10:00Observations of the lower thermospheric neutral temperature and density in the DELTA campaignJ. Kurihara et al.
10:00-10:15Preliminary results of rocket attitude and auroral green line emission rate in the Delta campaignS. Komada and N. Iwagami
10:15-10:30NEI experiment on-board S310-35 rocket during the DELTA campaignM. Wakabayashi and T. Ono
10:45-11:00Fast Langmuir Probe observation of the electron temperature in the DELTAT. Abe and K.-I. Oyama
11:00-11:15The energetic electron measurement during the flight of the sounding rocket S-310-35K. Ogasawara et al.
11:15-11:30Summary of the EISCAT observations during the DELTA campaignS. Nozawa et al.
11:30-11:45Combined ground-based optical support for the aurora (DELTA) sounding rocket campaignE. Griffin et al.
11:45-11:55Ground based experiments in Andoya during the DELTA CampaignE. V. Thrane and T. Abe
11:55-12:05Mesospheric/lower thermospheric winds and electron densities by meteor/MF radarW. Singer et al.
12:05-12:15Sodium lidar measurements of waves and instabilities during the Delta campaignB. Wiliams et al.

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